Sunny Sunday on the AT

After enduring a couple of brutally windy March days (in like a lion), we took advantage of the sunny, crisp Sunday and headed out on the Appalachian Trail towards Hay Rock/Carvin Cove.  The 8 mile round trip is a really beautiful hike.  Once you climb the 1640 feet elevation gain, you are mostly on a ridge.  There are several overlooks along the way.  With the sky as blue as could be, we got some good shots.


There were definitely some obstacles due to recent winds.  We found ourselves climbing over, under, around and through.


But we made our way to the Hay Rock in just under 3 hours, with a few stops along the way.


Not sure how JG got these birds to pose for him.


After all the short hikes I’ve done lately, this one really taxed my body.  Going down is always more painful.  But, spending time with the one I love in the beautiful outdoors, made it all worthwhile.



Back in the Groove

It’s been a while since I went hiking with my retired friends.  First there were the body malfunctions, then the weather, then travel, etc.  But, Tuesday I was finally able to organize a long over due hike to Read Mountain Preserve.

It’s funny when you have been on a hike before and you only remember the good parts (I believe it’s called selective memory).  Sometimes things get lost in the details. Like what I thought I remembered as an easy 4 mile round trip, was in reality closer to six miles and more on the moderate level.  But we had a great time, great view and just general pleasure of being back out in the woods together.



When my knees are screaming and my hips are aching, I just look at these happy faces and remember why it’s all worth it.


We hike for the pure joy of it.

Too Hot to Hike

I’m not going to complain about the heat because I definitely prefer summer to winter. However, it has been too hot to hike lately and I must admit, once you get in the habit of doing something a couple of times a week, you really start to miss it.

So instead of a hiking trip, last weekend I planned a surprise overnight for hubby and me to stay at Hotel Roanoke. Located right downtown, it is the perfect location for a bar crawl.



I don’t care what Donald Trump says – this place is awesome!

The hotel shuttle gave us a nice air conditioned ride to our first stop – Blue 5.  If you like beer, live music, excellent food in a cool and trendy setting – this is where you should be. We had the cheese slaw with home made chips – it was fantastic

Next stop was Lucky– a quaint restaurant located off the beaten path, but well worth finding. We sat at the bar and were happily entertained by the bartenders enjoying their jobs so much, that it didn’t look like work.  My husband ordered the duck liver pate – even though I turned up my nose as he ordered, it turned out to be quite delicious.


At Billy’s

Our last stop was Billy’s – just across the street from the walkway back to the hotel.  It was later and not quite so hot, so we opted to sit outside in the courtyard.  Deciding we needed something to soak up all the beer we had consumed, we had grilled shrimp and sweet potato fries – both were excellent!

Back to the hotel and one last nightcap in the Pine Room before turning in for the night.


What a great way to spend a Friday night.