April Snow Brings out Hikers

Did not expect to see snow today.  We had some snow on Saturday, but it was mostly melted by Sunday.  So, we were a little surprised to arrive at Mountain Lake this morning for a leisurely hike, to see it covered in snow.


Thankfully, we had all brought layers, and everyone was excited about hiking in the snow!  A first for some of us.


It was a beautiful day, hardly any wind, and very well marked trails.  So we just enjoyed being back in the woods together.

It’s fun to see the mountains in the different seasons.  And the snow added an extra zing to the view, which was spectacular!


These ladies did not even bat an eye when they saw the snow, I’m so lucky to have found such adventurous companions.





Just another Saturday in the Woods

Just sharing some pictures from yesterday’s hike.  It was a crisp, cool Saturday and we just wanted to be in the woods for a little hike.  We started on the War Spur Trail behind Mountain Lake and ended up on the Appalachian Trail which took us to Wind Rock.  Due to strong winds this season and heavy snow last week, there were a lot of trees down.



Me, posing on Wind Rock.


You can access Wind Rock by walking about .2 miles from the parking lot entrance to the AT.  We’ve done that before.  We were parked at the entrance to the War Spur Trail and didn’t realize the AT connection was so much longer, so instead of retracing our steps, we just walked the last two miles on the road, which followed the stream.


What started out simple, ended up much longer and more challenging.  Isn’t that kind of like life?

Happy Easter Everyone!


What’s in a Number?

When my mother turned 50, I thought she was old.  But she surprised us all by taking swim lessons at the local “Y.”  Her and my dad frequently went fishing, and he was afraid that if she fell in the river, she would not be able to save herself.  So she took swim lessons – at 50.  It impressed me.

My hiking buddies impress me too.  These two ladies will jump at every opportunity to go hiking.  They are both in their early 70’s.


After a long hiatus, mostly due to my busy schedule and the weather, we finally got to go out on this beautiful fall day and hike to Bald Knob at Mountain Lake.  The trail up is short but very steep.  We go slow, we rest, but they always make it to the top and are so thrilled when we get there.  We celebrate by making crazy poses.



These two are fearless and fierce.  So what’s in a number?  It doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you stay active and young at heart.

This blog is dedicated to my hiking youngsters – Peggy Sue and Joanne!


Hiking on Mountains with Friends

It’s so nice having a hiking club.  Now that spring is here and there are more warm days, it’s easier to find someone to go hiking with me.  But there also comes a little anxiety with being in charge of this group. For instance determining where we will go and the likelihood of getting us lost.

It’s so easy going hiking with hubby, because all I have to do is follow him.  He can read a map, he can watch for the blazes and he never gets us lost.  Do I pay attention on the trails? Sometimes.  Can I find my way around the mazes when there are multiple trails.  Rarely.  So even though I have hiked Mountain Lake numerous times, I was a little nervous going up there with 3 women who had not hiked there before.

Enter Alice – with her color coded map that she picked up on a recent visit, and Cindy who has a vast history of hiking and is also a pretty good map reader, and we only got off track once – when I was leading.


That’s why I would never go alone.  Hiking with friends is the best!


Being on top is great – getting there is huffing and puffing, totally worth it!


Yes, we were pretty high!


Trying to take a selfie when you are looking into the sun and cannot see a thing, priceless.


Dirty Hiking (at Mountain Lake)


I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie “Dirty Dancing.”  But you may or may not know that it was filmed at Mountain Lake in Virginia.  It’s about a 40 minute drive for me. Though I had been there several times (mostly for Sunday brunch), I only recently discovered the real jewel is the hiking trails.


And of course the view. . .


Sadly, the lake has dried up, but it’s still a beautiful hotel and they have added many outdoor activities.




I have hiked there many times now, because you just can’t beat the breathtaking scenery.

You really have to be there on a clear day.  When my husband’s niece and nephew came to visit us from Germany – we took them up there – partly because of the movie, but also because they like to hike. It was a little foggy as we drove up, but the promise of the sunshine urged us on.  When we got to the top, all you could see was fog. We reluctantly started back down the mountain when I thought I saw a break in the clouds.  A couple of patches of blue sky encouraged us to go back up to the top only to be disappointed again!  Oh well, we got our exercise for the day.  As we drove back down, we stopped at an overlook and finally got to show them the awesome view.  Plus, there was a table set up for wine tasting!  Just a wine distributor that thought that would be a good spot to lure future customers.  He was probably right.