A Hike for Everyone

The old me used to only see a great mountain view if I could drive to the top of the mountain.  Now, I am happiest when I can “earn” it by hiking to the top.  I think everyone should be able to enjoy that spectacular view, so today I found myself leading an unlikely crew, to what I consider an easy hike for the best reward around.  Of course, I’m talking about Buffalo Mountain, where I’ve been many times.  But today, my hikers included one complete novice, Liz


Another, somewhat newbie, who has only been on one previous hike with me, Patti


A seasoned hiker from out West, who has been looking for someone to hike with since she moved to the area, Patty


And my longtime, faithful hiker, Peggy


Together we enjoyed a beautiful fall day and had the top of the mountain all to ourselves!  We were mostly strangers to each other, I knew Patti and Peggy, Peggy knew Patty, none of us knew Liz.  But by the end of the day we were old friends enjoying an outing together and encouraging each other as we slowly made our way to the top.  And even though there was a little haze in the air, they all agreed that the view was remarkable,




and that hiking, in a group, is just the best!



Sometimes the hardest part of the hike is getting the selfie.  Yesterday, there were seven of us, and trying to get a shot where we can see all faces can be a challenge.

The hike to Buffalo Mountain is one that I’ve done many times.  The hike itself is not my favorite – it’s very short and not very challenging, but the vista is probably one of the best in this area.  After last week’s hike, I thought these warriors deserved a break, so short hike/great view it was.


As usual, pictures don’t do it justice.

We had the mountain to ourselves, so we stayed up there and enjoyed it for almost an hour.


Such an incredibly blue sky, another beautiful February day, it was so relaxing and peaceful to be there.

My inspiration of the day came from a woman who has been hiking with me for a couple of years.  I remember when we first started hiking, Joanne was afraid to get a good look, because she had a fear of heights (much like I did in the beginning).  But yesterday, she climbed out on the rocks, looked over the edge and maneuvered her way around like a pro.  She’s amazing!


My little group keeps growing, and I’m inspired by the enthusiasm, the perseverance, and the joy that we all get from being together.

Thanks for visiting, come join my group.


A Mountain of Fun!

Exactly a year ago today, I was joined by my weekend hikers on a strenuous hike of about 9 miles, in 43 degree weather, with 20 mile an hour winds.  Bundled with stocking caps, gloves, and layers of clothes, we ended up having a great time.


Flat Top Mountain (Peaks of Otter)


Yesterday, this same group of women joined me on a 2 mile, easy uphill hike in 60 degree sunshine!  What a contrast!


Buffalo Mountain


I’ve been to Buffalo Mountain many times, but on this trip we met a gentleman who has been doing this hike since he was a kid.  He was able to point out all the area landmarks so that, for the first time, the geography of what we were viewing, seemed clear.  We looked out from this mountain and were able to spot the Peaks of Otter where we had hiked a year ago.

We love being on top of a mountain, no matter how difficult or easy the hike may be.  That is the one constant!  Thank you ladies, you make me proud!


(Pictures courtesy of Tiina Ruus and Laurie Buchwald)


Fall Hiking

Let’s see. What to do on a beautiful fall day that promises sunshine, warm temperatures, and clear views?  You guessed it – go for a hike!

Today’s hike to Buffalo Mountain was low key.  The road had been repaired so I can’t complain about tearing up my car getting up to the parking lot.  There was no one else at the mountain top – so all the views were ours for the choosing.  No swarm of flies, no bears, no snakes.  Today was just a relaxing hike with a friend, to one of the best views in the area.







Tried to capture the bees on the flowers – but they must have been camera shy.

What did you do on this beautiful fall day??

The Wandering Diva Striders

A few months ago, someone suggested I start a women’s hiking club. Hiking with other women meant I could hike during the week when hubby was at work.  As I started kicking around the idea, I approached my retired friends and realized there was a lot of enthusiasm from this group.  I also heard from some of my working friends, who may have to play hooky to join us, but asked to be included anyway.  The hiking club grew quickly and it seems like I’m always adding names to the list.

Coming up with a name for our club proved challenging.  We wanted something that described us without being too cutesy.  At one time I had 5 names in our title. Making an executive decision, I settled on “Wandering Diva Striders!”

Not a fan of hiking alone, I really need at least one more person to go with me.  The great thing about having such a large list is that finding at least one more person just got easier.

Last week, Joann and I hiked Hungry Mother State Park in Marion.  We did the Lake Trail which is about 6 miles of fairly easy hiking.  The weather was beautiful, we were peeling off layers in no time.



Today was equally warm, sunny and perfect for hiking.  I sent out another SOS – who’s in?  This time four of us took the relatively easy, short hike up Buffalo Mountain.  This was my fourth trip up this mountain.  I keep going back because the 45 minute, 1.15 mile hike has the most incredible 360 view of any hike I’ve been on to date. You truly feel like you are on the very top of the world.


Pictures cannot capture the breathtaking views and the exhilarating feeling of being on top of this mountain.  But these faces express how we all felt. . .


Pure Joy!!!

After reluctantly descending from this great moment – we enjoyed a delicious lunch of the freshest kind at the Floyd County Store, which is famous for it’s Friday Night jamborees.


Perfect ending to a perfect day!  Thanks ladies!