Biking, Hiking, and World Cup

This weekend our little town hosted Bike Virginia.  I put my bike away about 10 years ago (after an unfortunate spill) and have not looked back.  But JG still rides frequently, so we decided to stroll down to the park and have a look.


Interesting use of our soccer goals. . .


Oh well, I guess if they were soccer fans they would have been inside watching the fantastic comeback of Germany in the 2nd round of the World Cup.  What a game!  JG was ecstatic!  If they don’t win Wednesday, I’m going to root for Mexico, our closest neighbor who is doing pretty well so far.

After not hiking one single mile in the month of June (here it is the 24th already), JG and I finally got out there today for a quick hike on a previously ignored trail at Mill Creek.  It was so green and so beautiful and I think I discovered a place to take my novice hikers.  This 3 mile loop was quite easy with just a little incline here and there.  I think it might be a trail for mountain bikers.  I proved to be a true hiker today, having enjoyed the walk through the forest with no view!  Other than the forest and the creek that is.


Lookout, Babe!



Thanks to a few showers this weekend, the air was mostly cool and the sun was shining brightly!


Back home we watched Poland lose to Columbia (boy Columbia had a lot of fans there).  Any soccer fans out there?  If so, who are you rooting for?

Hope you all got outside this weekend, Summer Solstice for us means the daylight will be lessening.

Happy Hiking – Biking – and World Cup to you all!

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18 thoughts on “Biking, Hiking, and World Cup

  1. Glad to hear you finally got out on the trails again, Karen! It’s been raining quite heavily here all weekend and of course, now it’s Sunday night and the skies are finally clearing. Heading out myself now, for a quick jaunt down by the river. Have a great week!



  2. That looks like a beautiful hike… I love all the water. Although I’m not a big football fan, we are currently in Mexico, so, of course, I’m cheering loud and proud for the “home” team! I also feel horrible about how our government is treating our southern neighbor, so that’s another reason. Viva Mexico!


  3. I’m glad you made it out for a hike, and a beautiful one at that. I love the deep woods, so that’s always scenery enough for me, though I will admit to being envious of some of your spectacular hike views.

    Mike’s a big soccer fan, having been raised by parents form Italy and Argentina. We’re currently rooting for Mexico.


    1. The woods are very scenic this time of year, I do love the rich green hues. Anxious to see who wins Wednesday since Mexico and Germany will be playing at the same time – hope they both make it to the next round.


      1. I hope so too! I spent some time in Germany, once visiting as a tourist and a few years later as an employee of a company that had been acquired by Daimler-Benz. I’ve also been to Mexico, and given our current administration’s hateful attitude, I also want to see as many wins for Mexico as possible, even if it’s only a game.

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  4. What a beautiful hike! Your photos are stunning. I got on a bike recently after about 20 years. I was doing pretty well until I took a spill and had to ride all the way back with a sore knee and hurt pride. 🙂 It might be another 20 years before I attempt it again. Hiking, on the other hand, I love!


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