Still Love the Flat Lands

I truly believe that where you live for the first 18 years of your life, shapes you as a person.  You can live somewhere else the rest of your life, but when you go back to the beginning, it is still “home.”  We just spent a week in the Midwest – my “home” for the first part of my life.

Now that I have finally embraced the mountains, people don’t understand why I still see the appeal of the flat country.  Here’s one reason.


The clouds, the sunset, the stretch of road that goes on forever, those things represent home to me.

We had a fantastic trip visiting family and friends and enjoying the beauty along the way.

Whether it was the skyline view of Cincinnati from our balcony. . .


a field of corn. . .


or my brother/sister-in-law’s flowers . . .




we enjoyed the environment very much.

A Midwest trip would not be complete without a “sleep over” with my buds.


These ladies have been in my life for ages, and when we get together, it is pure joy!

The heat, humidity, and lack of mountains will keep me from moving back, but I’m grateful for my Midwest upbringing, which started right here.


Do you feel that your life was shaped by your roots?

14 thoughts on “Still Love the Flat Lands

  1. That’s one beautiful big sky in the first photo! Only to be seen in the flat lands (or from the sea- or Great Lake-shore). Definitely, my life has been shaped by my roots. I’ve spoken on the blog about my family’s habit of Sunday afternoon walks in the woods, and always being made to play outside (no matter the weather…LOL!). To this day, being outside – especially in a forest or by a body of water – is my happiest place.



  2. I totally agree! There is a connection with the place of our youth that simply defies definition. We may choose to live somewhere else – I would pick the mountains if I could – but there’s a piece of our heart reserved for ‘home’.


  3. What a terrific post! I’m glad you shared a bit of your midwest roots. I especially love that photo of the open road and the seemingly connected skyline. We moved so much during my youth (Canada till I was six, then rural California, and eventually the Bay Area). I live in Silicon Valley now with warm weather and hills all around me. Canada, was cold and flat and in my young mind, it was expansive. My sister lived in Iowa for a few years, and I also enjoy the novelty of the differences. She had brutal winters though and bug-inhabited summers, so she was relieved to move back to the Bay Area.


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