Mother’s Day Hiking

Looks like all that physical therapy paid off, as I was able to get out and hike with my daughter today, along with many other moms.  We had a fun filled weekend, starting with her coming up Friday afternoon, taking a road trip to visit friends on Saturday, and exploring a new trail today.

After spending the night in Fredericksburg, we headed out early onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Stopping at a couple of overlooks.

Our hike of choice today was Crabtree Falls.  It is billed as the highest set of waterfalls east of the Mississippi.  We started at the bottom and followed the falls through many stairs and switchbacks.


We could hear the rushing water throughout the hike, and there were many lookout spots to enjoy, and take selfies.


It’s only 1.7 miles to the top, but there is a 1500 ft. elevation gain, so it is steep and challenging.  Not having hiked in 3 weeks, I huffed and puffed before we made it to the top.  Once there, we found a place in the shade and enjoyed a snack.  We waited patiently as a family were taking over the best viewing area.  Being Mother’s Day, there were quite a few hikers out (glad we got an early start), but these folks seemed oblivious to all the people waiting to take photos, like Lori and me.


I finally just went down there and started taking some pictures.


The view is of the Tye River Valley.

They finally left and we were able to grab a quick selfie before giving it over to the many others who had also been waiting.


Rather than going straight down, we were encouraged to take the trail another mile to see a crab tree orchard.  Thinking this would be the namesake of the falls, we decided to go.  What we found was another parking lot/entrance, a road that went to the Appalachian Trail, and nothing else of interest.  So we added 2 miles, which was fine.

It felt so good to be out on the trail again after a 3 week sit out.  It ended up being a 6 mile trip, every thing in my body aches right now, but I don’t care.  It was the best Mother’s Day present ever!

Thanks Lori!


20 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Hiking

  1. It’s lovely to see you out in summer hiking gear again. I suddenly realised I’d been seeing pics of you all wrapped up for months and was expecting more of the same………. Yay for the good weather! You and your daughter look alike – I always love to see happy mother and daughter pics.


  2. There is always a deep sense of joy to be back out on the trail after a long hiatus. Your smiling faces are testament to that 🙂

    Love the second photo. Seeing a waterfall during a hike is always a highlight for me … but to follow one up the trail would be even better. Love that sound of rushing water.

    Interesting comment about other hikers and the trail being busy. From your photos, I wouldn’t have guessed. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like to hike on the weekends or a holiday. Trail etiquette can often be a problem. We are lucky to be able to hike during the week when we often never see another person on the trail.


    1. As a fellow hiker, I know you can appreciate the feeling of getting back out there. I also prefer hiking during the week, but when we go on the weekend we go early. Unfortunately, this was a very popular spot. I didn’t mention the little kids who walked by and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day – so it wasn’t all bad.


  3. These are great images of some gorgeous views Karen. Glad to hear you are doing well enough to hike again. My middle name is “body aches” but I don’t hike, LOL 😀


  4. I’m so glad you were able to get out!!! What a beautiful place! And I loved seeing your and Lori’s smiles–what a great way to spend Mother’s Day!


  5. What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day, Karen. I read this post immediately after reading Joanne’s (Following A Bold Plan) recent post. She also wrote about hiking near gorgeous waterfalls. I now have a huge urge to go seeking waterfalls nearest me!


  6. Wonderful! Your photos are awesome, Karen!
    I got out for a little stroll on the trail on Mother’s Day too, with the kids – until the grandpuppy (who is actually a senior dog, now) was overcome by the heat. Still, we saw snakes, turtles and a woodpecker. It was heavenly!



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