A Series of Unfortunate Events

My apologies to Lemony Snicket for stealing his title.  JG and I have been watching this delightful series on Netflix and it seemed appropriate given the trouble I’ve had all week in my blogging world.

It started Sunday, when I logged in to write about my weekend hikers.

IMG_20180414_093338When I tried to write a new blog all I got was a blank screen.  Having recently received emails from WordPress suggesting I upgrade, I figured it was time, and maybe they were locking me out until I did.  They suggested it might take a couple of days to switch to my new domain, so the blank screen kept appearing and I waited impatiently patiently.

I finally got very frustrated when I was no longer able to comment on other blogs.  Now I knew something was seriously wrong.  I tried “chatting” with WP reps, tried phoning them (no one answered), tried sending them an email (no reply) and finally I just texted fellow blogger, and friend, LB from Life on the Bike who put me in touch with Joe from The Visual Chronicle.  Joe sent me several suggestions, and of course it was the last one I tried that worked.  I simply had to clear my cache – well “simply” to some.  Thanks to Joe, I’m up and running again.  I love the blogging world!  Thanks Joe, you’re my new hero.

Two fun hikes this week, first with my working friends who can only come out to play on the weekend.  We did a lovely out and back on the Appalachian Trail.  Then my retirees and I went to my favorite Hungry Mother.


On the trip home, as everyone was thanking me for being their tour guide, I jokingly said I considered this my “volunteer” work.  Between water aerobics, bridge, and hiking, I don’t have a lot of time for charity work – but I’m getting all these women out into the woods – so I think I will start putting that on my resume.

A friend mentioned to me last night that she loved seeing different faces on my hikes.  I never know who will show up.  I love that I have such a wonderful group, and that I can always find someone to go with me.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix, I highly recommend it.








27 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. I’m glad the solution to your WP dilemma was simple and I could help in some small way Karen. Its been a long time since I was called someone’s “hero” and I thank you for your kind words 😀 I guess thats what this crazy thing we call blogging is all about though. Helping out fellow bloggers and making new friends.

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    1. I knew that you were the man for this job, Joe! Thanks for always being there for me and for my friends, too. Many beers on me when we next meet. Let’s plan that, eh?
      Karen – so glad you are up and running again!

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      1. Thanks Laurie 😀 I’m always up for planning a get together and a few cold ones. Speaking of cold ones I’m meeting up with Patti, Mel and Martha later on today in NYC to do some street shooting and of course cocktails. I’ll make sure to say Hi to everyone for you and I can’t wait for another get together that includes you.

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      2. Joe is much too modest because I think he’s simply the best! He saved my butt over a year ago when my new laptop wouldn’t play nice with my Lightroom photo library.

        So glad to hear he got you up and running again, Karen. When you don’t know what to do, the problem feels insurmountable! A little guidance along the way means a LOT!

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      1. Thank you so much Joanne 😊 My trip to Montreal is pushed back to late May or early June. I’m still dying to meet you. Maybe we could work out some way to meet. Or maybe I could just crash a party you are throwing 🤪


  2. Karen, I’m glad you’re up and running again, at least your blog. I always enjoy reading it, especially when I can’t go on the hike. I enjoy seeing what I missed.


  3. ‘Simply clear the cache’ makes as much sense as ‘Urble wurble durdle’ to me. Luckily I’ve never yet (touch wood) had such an unfortunate event occur to me. 🙂 And Joe, it turns out, is more than just an excellent photographer and teacher – he’s also a Hero! Of course he is! Someone should make him a cape! 🙂

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  4. Empty your cache, huh? Is that like taking out the garbage or cleaning out your closet? I’m glad I haven’t had that problem yet because I wouldn’t have had a clue. Fortunately, I started following Joe a few weeks ago so now I know his superpower (besides being an excellent photographer). And, I think leading your hikes definitely qualifies as volunteer work.

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    1. Thanks Janis, Someone called me out of the blue yesterday and said “I hear you are someone who takes women hiking” they had a new church member who loves to hike but has no one to go with, so this person hooked her up with me. So, yeah, that’s kind of providing a community service right?

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  5. Hi, Karen – I am glad that you now have your blog up and running again. Do you self-host your site? Do you have a super cache (or fast cache) installed? Is that what needed to be cleared? Sorry for being so curious. I love learning from other bloggers on what to try and on what to avoid.
    Great hike photos!


  6. I”ve been struggling with WordPress, too. It’s quite frustrating. Mike also suggested I clear my cache (which we did) but then my laptop forgets all my logins. Sigh. This technology, eh?

    I’m glad you’re hiking group remains varied and robust.


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