Rookie Day

It’s been a busy week, and we’ve had cold, rainy weather.  I knew today would be the only decent day for hiking, but most of my regulars were out of town.  So I rounded up a newbie who has been wanting to join the group but was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep up.

We took a relatively short hike (albeit steep in places) and stopped to catch our breath from time to time.  I made sure she made it all the way.  She loved being on top of the mountain, and we had a great time.


Always love to see the face of someone who has discovered the joy of reaching the goal.


Because the best way to hook a new hiker is to give them an awesome view.

9 thoughts on “Rookie Day

  1. Hi, Karen – I definitely need to visit out your way and sign up for one of your hikes. They all look amazing!


  2. I understand this rookie’s concern and reluctance to join a group. I know I’m slow compared to many hikers – made even more so by the fact I keep stopping to take photos. Joining an organized group of gazelles would be demoralizing for me.

    I applaud you for taking her out on her own to build her confidence!!


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