When I’m 65

Yesterday, when I was only 64 – I decided a hike would be a good way to end this year of my life. The weather was perfect and JG was willing so we spent the afternoon at Read Mountain near Roanoke.  The view from Buzzard’s Rock was especially clear on this sunny day.


Today, I turned 65!  My brother reminded me this morning that I am officially retirement age (and qualified for Medicare). Yikes! That makes me sound old!

I decided I needed a challenge to bring on this new era of my life.  For those of you who have followed me for a while, you may remember the hike that stumped me last year, Dragon’s Tooth.  Fellow hikers in the New River Valley may think I’m a wimp because kids, dogs, and people of all ages do this hike.  Plus, it was especially important to me to conquer this hike, since my daughter got engaged at the top of this mountain.


We did not announce that we were going to attempt this again, I didn’t want to have to admit failure twice.  We managed to get much further this time – all the way to this:


the narrow path to the left, going straight up, was the first time I thought about turning back.  It turned out, this wasn’t even the toughest portion.

At one point I stopped and told JG to go on without me – the climb was steep and narrow and I was hugging rocks and freaking out.  As he took off, I sat there thinking “Are you kidding me? He just left me here on my birthday??”  Then I started tearing up, and then I took a deep breath and decided I was not going to let this mountain defeat me again.

Guess what?  I made it!


It’s better to be a warrior than a wimp.


That’s JG with his Perrier (I know, seriously?)

I can now say I have hiked Dragon’s Tooth, but this is a “one and done” do not ask me to go back, because the answer will be – no thanks.

JG took the day off to spend my birthday with me – what a great present to complete this hike with the one I love!


Hey, 65’s not so bad after all!

25 thoughts on “When I’m 65

  1. Oh you cracked me up Karen! Well done to you my girl – what a magnificent feat and attitude!! On my 60th my girls and I went to Melbourne and stayed in a posh hotel for a week and ate good food and drank lots of wine – no effort required 🙂 On my 65th I got a puppy 🙂 As to years – I can attest to the fact that these years really are the best!! 🙂 Happy Birthday ❤

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  2. We hiked Dragons Tooth on Sunday! (First time in 20 years)! Were we there together!? That skinny shelf/cliff thing was nerve-wracking! I just showed that photo to Lucy. It was better coming down…..But all those rocks coming down! My legs were shaking! Today I am soooo stiff! And I also said to Ralph, “I think I’m good. No need to come back here ever again.”
    Happy Birthday!


    1. I was surprised at how much easier it was to come down – I thought we’d have to stay up there. No, we weren’t there together – Sunday we were at Read Mountain (thanks to you for pointing out that hike), we did DT yesterday.


    What an awesome post, Karen. You admitted vulnerability and just kept on pushing.
    What a day and a fabulous celebration of 65.
    I owe you a birthday outing and celebratory drink.
    I hope I look as great as you at 65! ❤


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