Sunny Sunday on the AT

After enduring a couple of brutally windy March days (in like a lion), we took advantage of the sunny, crisp Sunday and headed out on the Appalachian Trail towards Hay Rock/Carvin Cove.  The 8 mile round trip is a really beautiful hike.  Once you climb the 1640 feet elevation gain, you are mostly on a ridge.  There are several overlooks along the way.  With the sky as blue as could be, we got some good shots.


There were definitely some obstacles due to recent winds.  We found ourselves climbing over, under, around and through.


But we made our way to the Hay Rock in just under 3 hours, with a few stops along the way.


Not sure how JG got these birds to pose for him.


After all the short hikes I’ve done lately, this one really taxed my body.  Going down is always more painful.  But, spending time with the one I love in the beautiful outdoors, made it all worthwhile.



13 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday on the AT

  1. Beautiful photos (again), Karen. I am just the opposite – going down hill is fine for me …. it is the climb uphill that kills me!


  2. It’s really beautiful there! You seem to have endless trails to hike, follow, climb. Who maintains them? How did they get there? How do you know where you’re going? Am I asking too many questions? LOL x K


    1. Kelly, there are lots of groups in the area that help maintain the trails. Some of the hikes are so popular, that the foot traffic keeps them clear. We do a lot of repeats, but yes, within a 2 hour drive we have many, many hiking spots. I often don’t know where I’m going – just ask my fellow hikers. But, usually, my husband and I go check them out first. I love hiking with him because all I have to do is follow. Any more questions?? 🙂

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