Whether to weather the weather

Being the leader of a women’s hiking group means you have to make decisions:  where to go, where to meet, and when to call off a hike due to weather.  After carefully checking the weather for several days, I thought today would be a good hiking day – only 20% chance of rain and temps in the 40’s.  So when I woke up this morning and heard rain falling, I jumped out of bed to check my local weather.  Whew!  It’s scheduled to stop around 8:00 a.m. and then be clear until evening.  So I sent out an email that the hike was on!

My group of seven, dwindled down to four.  Great, we all fit in one car!  But, about half way there, it began pouring, with the windshield wipers getting a great workout.  Plan B was to drive around the park and then go out for lunch.  What luck though, as we pulled into the park it cleared up.  And these brave women were off!


Though I’ve been to Hungry Mother a gazillion times, this was only my third climb to Molly’s Knob.  It is a fairly steep, steady climb to the top, so we took several breaks along the way.  Including this lookout of where we were headed, that’s Molly’s Knob.


The last half mile is the steepest – I guess you have to earn your view on this one.


It was not a great day for picture taking, but the view was really worth the climb.  Just look at these happy faces.


After a long rest, we headed back down.  We immediately picked up a strong wind, a little rain, even a piece of ice fell from somewhere, but that only lasted a few minutes and then it was pleasant.  We stopped at the lookout again and this time saw patches of blue sky.


I checked three different weather sources this morning, one of them actually mentioned freezing rain, but I knew if I could just get one more person to go with me, that I really wanted to go today!  So glad we didn’t have to cancel.

As Sir Ranulph Fiennes says:

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”



16 thoughts on “Whether to weather the weather

  1. What an intrepid group! I really like walking in coldish weather and don’t mind a little rain or even some sleet. It’s invigorating isn’t it – and the best part is completing the walk and getting back to a warm house and dry clothes. 🙂


  2. Bravo to you for being a great organizer Karen! I’m certain, with your cheery attitude, you’re also an awesome motivator. That’s what I need, motivation! I feel like a balloon, we’re drinking and eating such yummy stuff here in Aus. I’m only part way through too, eeeeek.

    I must say, you all look perfectly fit. Not a red faced, messy haired, sweat monster amongst you. Great photo’s! Happy Valentines day!! x K


  3. Thanks Kelly, hope you are having a fabulous trip!! We were actually pretty sweaty when we got to the top, but the cool air dried us up quickly. Come visit when you get back and I’ll help you hike off those extra calories. 🙂


  4. The decision to proceed in spite of iffy weather is a tough one to make – but those hikes are often the most pleasurable. I suspect it’s because we know we are doing something special 🙂
    The quote at the end is so appropriate – which is why I often carry a bin of ‘just in case’ clothing in the back of my car. It’s saved me a few times. I would hate to arrive at a hike start and discover I’m missing a hat, or gloves, or … whatever.


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