Strength in Numbers

I’m sitting here watching the rain come down and reflecting on this weeks’ adventure in the woods.  On Thursday, we had an unseasonably warm day.  So after a morning of playing bridge, I loaded up some fellow hikers and we headed to Draper Mountain.

No matter how many times I hike at a certain place, I can still get turned around if the trail isn’t marked REALLY CLEARLY!  Although we didn’t actually “get lost” this time, there were a few moments of doubt.  Even taking a picture of the map on my phone didn’t help too much.  But we managed to find our way to the top.  And the view was worth the effort.


We did not stay at the top very long though. As we were enjoying the view we noticed a group of ladybugs had taken up residence all over our bodies.  Four women running around screaming “ewww” was probably quite a site, but it wasn’t funny at the time.  As we descended  down the trail, I kept scratching and checking out my clothes.

Happy to be safely back at the car, we completed our stretches, changed our shoes and climbed in ready to go.  As I started the engine I looked up to discover the gate to the parking lot had been closed.  Seriously?!  So I got out and tried to push it open, but it didn’t budge.  Okay (after a series of obscenities) we realized someone must have pranked us, because my car was clearly visible.  It took all of us pushing against the iron gate to get it to open.  Which we finally did.

There’s a reason to hike in a group.  There is strength in numbers – literally!


My hiking pals, Peggy, Hannah, and Janet

8 thoughts on “Strength in Numbers

  1. Wow, what an adventure, Karen. I’m glad you were there in a group and that go got that gate open so you could safely head out. We’re always a bit delighted when ladybugs land on us. Are they biters? I’m glad you lived to see another trailhead. 😉


    1. Alys, one or two ladybugs are not a big deal – we’re talking a swarm and they were attaching to our clothes and exposed skin. It happened so fast we didn’t realize what they were at first. It really was not pleasant. I think we must have woken them.


      1. That’s fascinating, Karen. I’ve never heard anything like it. I’m sure you’re right; you must have disturbed their slumber. They like to come out at dusk to eat and they are a wonderful, natural way to get rid of aphids. We buy them at our local nursery. Look at it this way: great material for your blog. 🙂

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