Mill Creek – Part II

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our hike to Mill Creek in the town of Narrows.  We took the trails to Sentinel Point, it was a gorgeous day and we had an excellent view.  But there are other trails that we decided needed exploring as well.  So yesterday, we set off to hike Pearis Mountain.

Starting out on the Buttercup trail, it begins as a gentle incline and you can tell there was once a road there.  Don’t get too comfortable, the trail quickly becomes steep and rocky with at least 6 switchbacks as you start to climb for about 2 miles.


And just in case you are confused if it’s still a road, there was this helpful sign.


As I mentioned in the last post, this area is mostly known to locals – in other words the local college students have not yet discovered it.   We saw other hikers from the parking lot, but other than a father and son, we had this particular trail to ourselves.

I started out kind of sluggish yesterday, not sure why.  Perhaps I was missing the sunshine that had been promised.  I was always lagging behind JG, but he would patiently wait for me to catch up.

We caught a glimpse of Sentinel Point on the way up.


You can see the weather was not the best.  In fact we were sprinkled on a couple of times, and as we walked the ridge on top of the mountain, the wind was quite cool.

The second trail, Mercy Branch was about 2 miles long.  It was mostly level, very soft surface but lots of overgrown vegetation. DSCN6086


When we got to the turn around that connected us to the next trail, Rocky Ridge, we were expecting a view.  But quickly learned there were no vistas to be seen on this loop, which is probably why it is less traveled.


So we found a couple of rocks to perch upon, and had our much needed lunch.

Rocky Ridge lived up to its name and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

On the way down I decided to focus on mushrooms.  They aren’t flowers, they aren’t weeds, but they are a very pretty part of nature.

Just one little view from the Butternut Trail.


As you know, when I’m feeling good, I like to push myself – well, this hike provided quite a challenge to my now aching body.  It was 8 miles, 5 hours, and fairly strenuous.

But what else was I going to do on a Sunday??

21 thoughts on “Mill Creek – Part II

  1. I like that when the going gets rocky you find some mushrooms to appreciate! 🙂 I hope your stick behaved itself. You do extremely well hauling yourself (striding purposefully?) up and over these hills – my Sunday was spent making cards – not a lot of physical activity in that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That stick didn’t have the same quality as my first one. As I was switching hands, the leather strap that helps you hold it in place, just went flying off. We searched for it in vain, but luckily it’s not essential and I can probably get that replaced (just like the rubber tip). Your Sunday may not have been active, but it was productive!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rocky terrain is a challenging one – whether it’s the big flat boulders that you have to dance across, or the small sharp rocks that will easily turn an angle.
    However being robbed of any view is like having the icing scraped off your cake :/


  3. 8 miles! Good for you for getting out there even though you were feeling sluggish.
    (and thank goodness for college football on TV, giving me an opportunity to do a little blog visiting!).
    I like your cover photo!


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