Finally, the last installment of our trip abroad.  Sometimes it is a challenge to find new adventures in a place you have visited so often, but we managed to find a few, along with new angles on some favorite spots.

People may not think of food when they think of Germany, but I have to say, it is awesome!

and picture worthy


especially dessert


One of my favorite spots on the Rhine River is the Loreley Rock.  I’ve seen it from the water, been on top of it, and this year I saw it from the other side of the river.  It continues to fascinate me.


The legend behind it is also intriguing.

“The rock produces an echo and is associated with the legend of a beautiful maiden who threw herself into the Rhine in despair over a faithless lover and was transformed into a siren who lured fishermen to destruction.” (from Britannica)

Rather than ramble on about our trip, I’m just going to leave you with my favorite scenes from little towns, lakes, rivers and general landscapes.  Enjoy!




I love that even a small town soccer club knows the importance of having beer!


If you’ve ever considered taking a river cruise – this could be your boat.


This is Riesling Country



Unfortunately, wine festivals are wasted on me, but we did go to this wine presentation and JG did the family tasting.  Standing on top of the wine mountains, we had this incredible view of town.


As many times as I have been to Germany, it still impresses me.  Their technology is top notch, they are very concerned about the environment, they love children, they are more uptight about guns than sex, and their health care and retirement benefits are far superior to ours.  We could learn from them.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope I inspired you to visit if you haven’t already.

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    1. Actually, I could not see myself on any type of cruise – you really don’t get a chance to explore. Plus, my claustrophobia would make it difficult to be in the little cabins. I do know people who love them, but they aren’t for everyone.

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