The second part of our trip was 6 nights in Norway.  Our host was a cousin of my husband.  She was not only an excellent host, but guided us through some fun outdoor adventures that we probably would not have discovered on our own.

The first stop was a sculpture park for women called Ekebergparken.




This was called Anatomy of an Angel



From a distance, it looks like an approaching hiker, but. . .


This one was hanging in the trees. So cool!


It was a beautiful park and there are many more sculptures, but these were my favorites.  The park is on a hill overlooking downtown Oslo.


Of course we had to go on a hike.  Even though the trails are a little more like roads, we got in a full day’s hike and saw snow on the ground while it was in the upper 70’s.


We toured Blaafarveværket a cobalt mine, which was a little traumatic for this claustrophobic hiker who is way more comfortable on TOP of a mountain than INSIDE a mountain.

But I survived it, and learned a lot about mining and came away wondering how people worked there on a daily basis.

Of course Norway has waterfalls too.


Even downtown Oslo


Finally, here are a few scenes from downtown. . .


An absolutely beautiful place!  I have been there 3 times now, and each time I come away with new memories.  Summers here are wonderful, I highly recommend moving this up on your “must visit” list.

8 thoughts on “Norway

  1. I’ve been to Oslo only once for a very short visit, but your photos have shown me a side of this beautiful city I had not seen. Ekegergparken looks amazing and I feel cheated I missed waterfalls in the city!
    It looks like you had a great visit 🙂


  2. What gorgeous photos of a fascinating place. I would love to visit one day. You captured so many rainbows in your water photos. Well done! I love the angel sculpture. It’s really compelling, making me stop and think. I’m glad you’ve had the chance to visit so often. There is so much of this big, beautiful world to see. Welcome home.

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