Baby Steps

It’s really criminal that we have had such perfect hiking weather and I’ve been stuck in rehab.  Today, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and just try a “baby” hike.  Heading out this morning, I wasn’t really thinking about a big hike, but it was such a gorgeous day, I really wanted to be on a trail somewhere.

We discovered a trail that had recently been cleared out for hikers, and learned that several other trails are currently being readied for summer.


Located inside of Gatewood Park, this trail takes you over a few creek crossings to get to some nice views of the lake, and it certainly lives up to its name.

010You can see that beavers have been chewing on the trees.011

We did have to cross the creek a few times, but it was pretty easy.dscn4743

And the lake was really beautiful!dscn4747


The thing I liked most about this trail, was the orange markings.  It is so well marked that I think I could bring my hiking women here and not worry (too much) about getting us lost.009

These markings were well positioned.

But it really didn’t matter where we were, just being back in the woods was enough to bring me joy!

008Fingers crossed that my body stays as happy as my frame of mind.

14 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Here’s hoping that your body doesn’t revolt in protest of your little hike. There can be nothing more therapeutic than spending a few hours lost in the woods!


  2. What a great idea marking the trails with orange rope. I’ve never seen that out here. I hope your body is still feeling okay after the mini-hike. I’m glad you got outdoors in the gorgeous weather, and not a moment too soon from what I hear. I hope you’re not too heavily impacted by the upcoming storm. The lake is so pretty. It makes me want to go for a hike right now!


    1. Not a hundred percent yet, but getting there. We just started getting snow flurries – brrrr. After 73 degree weather last week, it’s hard to see snow, but it is March. Hope you are drying up a little.


      1. I’ve been listening to the news. What a crazy drop in temps. We’re basking in the low seventies ourselves and enjoying a nice drying out. We will generally see a bit more rain in March and April, but the heaviest rains are probably over. Keep on healing.

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