Hiking, Christmas, and Vertigo

Finally got back on the trail when my daughter and her husband arrived on Friday morning.  Even though this is a fairly easy hike, which I have done several times, I was very pleased that my hip, knee and old age in general, cooperated enough to get me up and down the 5 mile trail to the Cascades and the upper falls. We started with the upper falls, passing some icicles along the way.




This was our grand dog, Stark’s, first hike – he seemed to like it.

Then we started down to the lower falls.



Starting out it was a little chilly, but we had periods of sunshine and it warmed up as the day wore on. All in all a very good hike.

Christmas Eve was full of food, games, lights, presents and grand dog in sweater.


It was all wonderful, until I woke up Christmas morning feeling like I was having the worst hangover of my life (when I had only had one drink the day before).  After our company left, I spent the day in bed, totally miserable – dizzy and nauseous.  If you have ever experienced vertigo, you know it is NOT fun! I’m going on my 3rd day of living upstairs (I did make it from our bedroom to my office next door).  With the help of my wonderful, patient husband, I was able to take a quick shower this morning.  But as I sit here writing this, I’m thinking it’s time to climb back into bed.

My little house guest and my daughter’s Christmas present helped get me through the last couple of days.  I would have been very bored without them.


I’ve enjoyed reading all your holiday posts.  I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!!


12 thoughts on “Hiking, Christmas, and Vertigo

  1. I hope your vertigo has improved. Is this a recurring problem you have? I’ve been told by others that it is a very unpleasant experience and can disappear as quickly has it appears.

    Best wishes for a happy new year with many great treks 🙂


    1. Thanks Joanne, it is finally subsiding, I was surprised how long it lasted, this is the first time I experienced it. I have heard from many friends who have it often and I just hope this isn’t the beginning, because it is miserable. Hope you are all healed, Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  2. I’m really sorry to hear about the Vertigo. I had a bout of it last year and it was scary. I tried all sorts of things (essential oils, the neck maneuver, etc.) but in the end it just went away on its own after a few days. It’s happened to me twice, many years between episodes. I know that sinuses can also play a role along with inner ear damage or disruption. You probably know all that by now, eh?

    I’m glad you had a chance to hike and spend time with family and the grand-pooch. Little sweetie!

    I love your icicle pic!

    Happy new year!


      1. Karen, I wrote a reply the other day, and it didn’t post. I’ve had that problem quite a bit in the last week. So if this is a duplicate reply, forgive me. I’m glad you are on the mend.


  3. So here it is, NYE and I’m catching up on blogging while watching football.
    I’m glad to see the photos from your time with Lori and Doug, and am so thankful that the vertigo is finally receeding!
    Love that first shot of the icicles.
    Here’s to a healthy 2017!!


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