Back to Nature

It’s been a very depressing week.  I tried comfort food, beer, and spending time with like minded friends.  While these things all helped; today I got back out in nature where I felt peace and serenity again.  Heading to my favorite hiking spot (Hungry Mother State Park), with my favorite hiking partner (my husband, who has been recovering from shoulder surgery for the last two months) I was finally able to put the anger and grief I felt after the election, aside while we enjoyed a peaceful hike around the lake.


It was a beautiful day – cool and sunny.


The ducks were enjoying a swim.


The leaves were everywhere adding color to the floor of the trail.


And it just felt right to be back in the woods.


While I was walking, I decided the best thing I can do to move forward, is to vow to be kind to everyone, fight for what I believe is right (women’s rights, LGBT rights, minorities and our environment) and not let a bully in Washington stop me from living.

11 thoughts on “Back to Nature

  1. You have the right attitude … And when the attitude needs an adjustment, nature is the perfect place to find it 🙂

    I really like the bridge photo. Then again, I really like bridges and that one looks rather different with the x’es underneath 🙂


  2. I’m happy to hear you could enjoy a beautiful day of hiking, and pleased to hear your husband is doing well enough to join you. We walked this morning (just in our neighborhood though) and I spent time in the garden. It’s healing to be outdoors.

    I’m glad you are finding some resolve, Karen.


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