A Mountain of Fun

So very happy that hiking weather is back!  And so were my friends yesterday.


The four of us set off early and had the whole mountain to ourselves.  It was sunny, low humidity, perfect day for hiking.

Everything is still green and lush, thanks to a hearty rainfall this month, the moss was still a little damp.


We had a nice clear view of Roanoke.


Here I am sitting on Buzzard’s Rock.


This was a pleasant hike except for a couple of steep areas, and it was so peaceful – an advantage to being able to hike on a weekday when everyone is back in school.

We even saw a couple of buzzards.  If you look right in the middle of the picture, you should be able to spot one.


I think the highest mountain in this range is McAfee’s Knob, and to the right, half way down you can spot Carvins Cove.  I’m starting to get the hang of this local geography.


About 5.5 miles, just about 4 hours and lots of good conversation had us still smiling as we were pulling out of the parking area.


How are you taking advantage of this fantastic weather??



5 thoughts on “A Mountain of Fun

  1. Well, I AM behind on visiting blogs but I’m trying to catch up.
    This hike looks and sounds great! So glad that you had such a fun day.
    I don’t recognize the person in the front seat. Anyone I know?


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