Hiking the City of Philadelphia

Summer is coming to an end and it won’t be long before hubby has to go back to work. After a few mini vacations in the mountains for hiking – we decided our last trip of the summer should be spent in a city.  We found a great deal on an airbnb in the heart of Philadelphia! Rittenhouse Square proved to be an excellent spot from which to walk everywhere we wanted to go.

We learned about how the city of Philadelphia came to be divided into 5 squares, and how William Penn and Benjamin Franklin are the most revered figures.  Statues of both men can be found throughout the city.


That’s William Penn on top of the City Hall.


The electrifying Ben Franklin.

When we go to a city, we like to explore as much as possible on foot.  When I say we hiked the city, we probably walked over 6 miles each day.

We love the variety of food!


Lobster salad


Salmon pizza


Chipotle Grilled Shrimp

Of course you can’t go to Philly and not have a cheese steak.  There is some debate about who has the best ones – our friend Janet recommended Jim’s Steaks so that’s where we went. It did not disappoint.



The architecture is a mix of old and new.







These mosaics are created from recycled materialsDSCN4099


The crazy parking!


The history.


This city has it all and we will have to go back several times to experience all it has to offer.  That will not be a hardship.



8 thoughts on “Hiking the City of Philadelphia

  1. We really need to plan a road trip! You’ve captured everything that I love about travel – exploring history, food, drink, architecture, art, and the unexpected!


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