Lonely Boots

Now that I’ve been hiking for a few years, I realized my mistake in not buying “over the ankle” boots.  My husband and daughter both warned me that I would need them to keep my balance and prevent ankle twists – but I just wanted a simple, light weight boot.  Well, I finally had to admit they were right.  Some of the rocks we have had to maneuver can be a little tricky.

So last week I bought some super cool boots. . .


For a full boot, they are really light weight and I can’t wait to wear them in the woods.


First it was the bears, then the heat, and now the rain has set in.


So my lonely boots will have to wait patiently until all conditions are in place again.


Hopefully, that won’t be too long.  The mountains are calling.

10 thoughts on “Lonely Boots

  1. Boots and socks…life savers! And I always have a few pair in use. I have been told, that having different shoes for hiking/walking makes your feet and legs stronger..they don’t adjust to one pair of shoes. And I wear out always at least one pair of shoes completely a year and so I always have proper shoes on the go that do not cause some blisters when first getting used too. Yours are fabulous and of a good brand. I am sooooo looking forward to the first cool breezy days and the first day hike again. Patience is virtue they say….xo Johanna ps love your deck chairs!


    1. Thanks Johanna! Socks are very important too, I’m a big fan of the wick or dri-fit. Having landed in water a few times, I’m amazed that after a couple of minutes, my feet feel dry again. Good to know about having more than one hiking boot. I have two now, so will alternate according to need. Thanks for reading. Karen


  2. I am not a regular hiker but some years back I did over 100 km of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain and invested in proper hiking boots and socks. They were real life-savers on the mountains of Galicia! No blisters, no twisted ankles. I still wear the boots whenever I do longer walks on challenging terrain. Hope the weather will get right for you soon!


  3. Karen, I’m finally catching up on WP blogs, and I’m so excited to read about your new boots. Here’s hoping that the sun returns soon!


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