Exploring the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway)

This has been the summer of cabin rentals.  We just returned from our 3rd cabin trip – this time to Boone, NC.  Found a charming little cabin just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, that offered easy access to town, but was just remote enough to provide a peaceful setting.

Before we went, I got on-line to find good hiking in the area.  I found 3 promising trails.  Unfortunately, laziness stepped in and I did not go beyond a name and location.  So the first day we came up short in the “view” department.  We were on a mixed use trail – mountain bikes and hikers.  The trail was very rocky and steep in spots.  We went up, and up, and up. And just when we thought we were at the top and were positioning ourselves for a great view – the trail started back down.  What the wha??  That’s right – 3 hours and over 8 miles with NO VIEW!!


Okay, it was great exercise and the woods were beautifully lush.  At this point, you have to really like hiking to be happy about a hike like that.


So the next day, we did a little more reading (thanks to our host and her many brochures).

We hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway and just stopped at several places that had short hikes to some great views.


First up (no hike) Moses H. Cone Memorial Park


with this view.


A challenging, but short hike at Rough Ridge – provided this view of the Linn Cove Viaduct


Here’s a shot of the viaduct, taken from my cell phone as we were driving on it.


Next we stopped at Flat Rock – less than a mile hike, but nice view of the backside of Grandfather Mountain.


Our last stop was Linville Falls – what we thought was going to be an easy hike – was really further than anticipated and rather steep in places.  But worth the view and just as we got back to the car the rain came.



If you have never been to the Blue Ridge Parkway, you should really put it on your bucket list. It is beautiful whether you drive it, bike it, hike it – as long as you experience it!   You’ve got 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina – so what are you waiting for??

9 thoughts on “Exploring the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway)

  1. Such a fun post, and I loved seeing so many places that I visited when I did my 50th Birthday ride. The viaduct, and hiking under it, Linville Falls, the view from Moses Cone, Grandfather Mountain. Great places all around! It was the perfect biking / hiking trip. I’ll have to dig up my post about it …
    So glad you had another great getaway. Can’t wait to hear more.


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