Early Morning Mist

Continuing with our goal to walk the New River Trail in sections this summer, we sat down Saturday and tried to map out the rest of our walks.  Finding access points to get on the trail was tricky since the map we have is from ’93 when the trail was not yet completed.

We decided to scope out the access points, so hopped in the car and headed South.  I thought we had explored all the back roads in Southwest Virginia but I was wrong.  We tried trusting the car’s GPS, but instinct made us turn the opposite direction and after being lost and confused, we were thrilled when we finally came upon a familiar road. We did accomplish our goal of locating starting points.

Sunday, we went back to Byllesby Dam, which we found the night before and walked to Ivanhoe (5 1/2 miles).


Probably a good thing it was a short day – we started out early to get the hike in between rain showers.  Although my hubby says anyone can hike in nice weather, and we should really hike in rain and fog once in a while.

We reached the trail at about 8:30 and here are some things I learned about hiking so early in the morning:

a) You are the first to go through the spider webs – ugh!

b) You have the trial to yourself – yay.

c) Hiking when the fog hasn’t lifted and the humidity is high, makes for achy knees.

d) You are the first to discover what appears to be bear scat?  Can anyone confirm?

Mystery scat?


Got a nice peek at the New River between the trees.


Buck Dam had roosting Vultures, looking for breakfast.


This sign was almost hidden.



We saw a lot of signs from horses along the trail.


This leg of the trail showed more horse activity than usual. And why do we make people pick up after their dogs, but not their horses?  Because it was a cloudy, muggy day, the horse smell was at its worst.


Just as we approached Ivanhoe, we came upon a campsite filled with horse trailers and campers. This is a tiny representation of the massive invasion of horses and campers. Turns out there was a horse show this weekend.  That explains it.


Sorry for the “poo” pictures, but it seemed to be the theme of the day.

9 thoughts on “Early Morning Mist

  1. You’re probably right, but we’ve been having a lot of bear activity in the area and that was the first thought that came to mind. It wasn’t on the trail, it was near a trash bin by the dam.


  2. I nodded my head at the spider web comment. Ugh!!
    We are often the first and only people on the trail so Helen and I take turns ‘breaking’ trail. I got the shivers just thinking about it. I hate spiders!


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