B-day, Wedding, and the Joy of Hiking

In three short weeks, my only child is getting married!  The planning (which began 2 years ago when they got engaged) is done and everyone is ready for a June wedding!  She turned 27 last month, and yesterday came home to have a belated birthday celebration.

After a lovely dinner last night, followed by wedding chatter until midnight, we all got a good night’s sleep so we could go for a relaxing hike today.  This was the first time my daughter had been to our favorite state park – Hungry Mother.

My husband and I go to Hungry Mother several times a year, either to hike, stay in a cabin, kayak on the lake, or just enjoy the town nearby.  I was very excited to share this park with her and we had the perfect weather for it.


We took a trail that was fairly new to me and enjoyed a fantastic view of the highest peak in the park – Molly’s Knob.


I have been to the top of Molly’s Knob, which offers the best view in the park, but this scene is not too bad either.


I regret that it took me so long to discover hiking, but I’m glad Lori is enjoying it at a much younger age.


What a great way to celebrate her birthday, her upcoming wedding, and life!

10 thoughts on “B-day, Wedding, and the Joy of Hiking

  1. Any day spent with our children is a win in my books! Sounds like you have so much to celebrate in the coming weeks. Enjoy every moment of it!


  2. Wait, hang on. That can’t be right. It seems like just yesterday that you and Jennifer were ruining my lunch talking about the color of the poo in her diaper. Congratulations!


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