Hiking on Mountains with Friends

It’s so nice having a hiking club.  Now that spring is here and there are more warm days, it’s easier to find someone to go hiking with me.  But there also comes a little anxiety with being in charge of this group. For instance determining where we will go and the likelihood of getting us lost.

It’s so easy going hiking with hubby, because all I have to do is follow him.  He can read a map, he can watch for the blazes and he never gets us lost.  Do I pay attention on the trails? Sometimes.  Can I find my way around the mazes when there are multiple trails.  Rarely.  So even though I have hiked Mountain Lake numerous times, I was a little nervous going up there with 3 women who had not hiked there before.

Enter Alice – with her color coded map that she picked up on a recent visit, and Cindy who has a vast history of hiking and is also a pretty good map reader, and we only got off track once – when I was leading.


That’s why I would never go alone.  Hiking with friends is the best!


Being on top is great – getting there is huffing and puffing, totally worth it!


Yes, we were pretty high!


Trying to take a selfie when you are looking into the sun and cannot see a thing, priceless.


5 thoughts on “Hiking on Mountains with Friends

  1. I am so paranoid of getting lost, I’m practically obsessive about the map and knowing where I am.
    … but there’s nothing better than a hike in beautiful surroundings on a beautiful day with a friend 🙂


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