Hiking on Mountains with Friends

It’s so nice having a hiking club.  Now that spring is here and there are more warm days, it’s easier to find someone to go hiking with me.  But there also comes a little anxiety with being in charge of this group. For instance determining where we will go and the likelihood of getting us lost.

It’s so easy going hiking with hubby, because all I have to do is follow him.  He can read a map, he can watch for the blazes and he never gets us lost.  Do I pay attention on the trails? Sometimes.  Can I find my way around the mazes when there are multiple trails.  Rarely.  So even though I have hiked Mountain Lake numerous times, I was a little nervous going up there with 3 women who had not hiked there before.

Enter Alice – with her color coded map that she picked up on a recent visit, and Cindy who has a vast history of hiking and is also a pretty good map reader, and we only got off track once – when I was leading.


That’s why I would never go alone.  Hiking with friends is the best!


Being on top is great – getting there is huffing and puffing, totally worth it!


Yes, we were pretty high!


Trying to take a selfie when you are looking into the sun and cannot see a thing, priceless.


The Wandering Diva Striders

A few months ago, someone suggested I start a women’s hiking club. Hiking with other women meant I could hike during the week when hubby was at work.  As I started kicking around the idea, I approached my retired friends and realized there was a lot of enthusiasm from this group.  I also heard from some of my working friends, who may have to play hooky to join us, but asked to be included anyway.  The hiking club grew quickly and it seems like I’m always adding names to the list.

Coming up with a name for our club proved challenging.  We wanted something that described us without being too cutesy.  At one time I had 5 names in our title. Making an executive decision, I settled on “Wandering Diva Striders!”

Not a fan of hiking alone, I really need at least one more person to go with me.  The great thing about having such a large list is that finding at least one more person just got easier.

Last week, Joann and I hiked Hungry Mother State Park in Marion.  We did the Lake Trail which is about 6 miles of fairly easy hiking.  The weather was beautiful, we were peeling off layers in no time.



Today was equally warm, sunny and perfect for hiking.  I sent out another SOS – who’s in?  This time four of us took the relatively easy, short hike up Buffalo Mountain.  This was my fourth trip up this mountain.  I keep going back because the 45 minute, 1.15 mile hike has the most incredible 360 view of any hike I’ve been on to date. You truly feel like you are on the very top of the world.


Pictures cannot capture the breathtaking views and the exhilarating feeling of being on top of this mountain.  But these faces express how we all felt. . .


Pure Joy!!!

After reluctantly descending from this great moment – we enjoyed a delicious lunch of the freshest kind at the Floyd County Store, which is famous for it’s Friday Night jamborees.


Perfect ending to a perfect day!  Thanks ladies!